OnePlus enters AI race with new Music Studio tools

OnePlus had been teasing a new release, building excitement among followers. Speculation soared as teasers hinted at the company’s possible foray into the speaker market. Yet, the big reveal didn’t unveil any new hardware. Instead, OnePlus introduced an AI Music Studio, a web-based tool promising to assist in crafting lyrics, melodies, and music videos using textual cues and prompts.

This endeavor isn’t a heavyweight tool for seasoned musicians seeking intricate creations; it’s primarily geared towards casual amusement. Users are greeted with an interface featuring predefined options for genres, moods, and music video themes.

The process involves inputting text prompts to shape the desired song. Attempting serious themes, such as “a song about the ongoing Israel-Gaza war,” or even a narrative like “a lonely man in a big city,” was swiftly rejected due to policy limitations. Eventually, settling on a theme like “a wild night out” proved acceptable.

Upon hitting ‘Generate,’ the AI swiftly transformed the prompts into rap lyrics that surprisingly held merit. Users have the option to regenerate lyrics if dissatisfied. Upon finalizing the lyrics, the software generates the track alongside a themed graphical music video. The user can then download or share the creation on social media platforms.

OnePlus’ motivation for launching this AI Music Studio might just be riding the wave of AI trends and garnering publicity. Nonetheless, it provided a refreshing departure from routine news to engage in this experimental venture.

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