IFPI study reveals music fans’ take on generative AI

Today, IFPI, the global representative of the recording industry, unveiled insights on music fans’ perspectives regarding artificial intelligence (AI) from the most extensive study of its kind worldwide.

This analysis stems from the upcoming Engaging with Music 2023 report by IFPI, delving into the global engagement and sentiments of music enthusiasts. The report, based on responses from over 43,000 individuals across 26 countries, stands as the most extensive and detailed probe into fan sentiments.

For the first time, this year’s report dedicates a segment to AI, recognizing its rapid evolution and its implications for the music industry and artists. Notably, it reveals a deep-rooted appreciation for authenticity among music enthusiasts – almost eight in ten (79%) assert that human creativity remains indispensable in music creation.

Fans aware of AI’s capability to mimic existing artists’ works emphasize the imperative need for authorized use of an artist’s music by AI. A substantial majority, 76%, insist that an artist’s music or vocals shouldn’t be utilized by AI without explicit permission. Similarly, 74% concur that AI shouldn’t replicate or impersonate artists without proper authorization. Moreover, a significant portion of fans, 73%, support the requirement for AI systems to transparently disclose the music they’ve employed.

Frances Moore, IFPI’s Chief Executive, highlighted the fans’ stance on AI’s impact on music, stressing the paramount importance of authenticity. Fans strongly advocate for AI systems to use music only with pre-approved permission and urge transparent disclosures regarding the material consumed by these systems. These insights serve as timely guidance for policymakers navigating the establishment of responsible and secure AI standards.

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